Welcome to Auzcorp

One of the pioneers in the thriving Pilbara, Auzcorp has diversified interests in accommodation, hospitality, medical services, IT, Human Resources, residential and commercial development and infrastructure.

Auzcorp began its Pilbara business as a service provider to key mining projects and as its interests expanded has searched for innovative ways to alleviate the residential and commercial accommodation shortage in the region, and to work towards a sustainable future. The company has recruited and retained Indigenous trades people and developed this working partnership in all major projects.

Auzcorp has a strong community focus regarding each development and enterprise undertaken as a critical contributor to the prosperity of the location and its resident.


Mia Mia House in the Desert in Newman


Fremantle Medical Centre

MiaMiaPHIA 233x75

Mia Mia Port Hedland International Airport


 Mia Mia Executive Apartments