Medical Services

The Fremantle Medical Centre concept will complement the range of health services currently available in the Fremantle precinct of Western Australia.

Located 50 metres from the Fremantle Hospital, the centre's specialists and medical staff will work collaboratively with other medical professionals and ancillary services.

The centre is consistent with government policy and planning, and will have the ability to operate within the private and/or public health system. It will provide a combination of day surgery / hospital / multi service health services for private and self-insured patients, offering a choice of quality health services.

For specialist medical professionals it will provide an alternative state-of-the-art facility located in convenient proximity to their consulting rooms. For patients it will offer among the best medical professionals in the country, as well as high quality, efficient, uncomplicated health care in a very attractive environment and situated in an ideal costal inner city location.

The overall concept includes provision for pathology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, plus leased space for related commercial services and a penthouse level comprising a number of residential dwellings with views over the surrounding area including the Indian Ocean and Fremantle Harbour.

As an integrated medical centre it will benefit patients, doctors and related health professionals.

For more information on the Fremantle Medical Centre concept, contact the Project Team 9286 7400.